Garage Conversion Ideas: Using Your New Space

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When it comes to garage conversion ideas, you have lots of options for how to use the new space.

Most garages, being originally designed to house a car, tend to be long and narrow — a shape that does not immediately lend itself to a good living space. But knocking down internal walls or adding stud walls can make the new space a lot more usable.

Here are some ideas for how you can use your additional square footage.

Create a New Light-Filled Living Space

A popular idea for a garage conversion is to knock down internal walls and create a contemporary open plan living space. Removing walls will not only help to improve the flow of the property, but is also a great solution for homes that seem small and dark.

Combining the removal of internal walls with the addition of a roof lantern, bifold doors or some fixed glazing will flood the new layout with natural light.

Recreational Garage Conversion Ideas

  • home cinema
  • games room
  • man cave
  • library/reading room
  • craft/hobby room

Design The Ultimate Kitchen-Diner

Where garages adjoin the kitchen, knocking out the wall between the two in order to create one larger kitchen-diner is a popular option — and also overcomes the long, narrow issues.

Add a Utility Room

Another good use of garages that sit alongside a kitchen is as a utility room, as they also offer the potential for a back door.

(MORETop 10 Kitchen-Diner Design Tips)

Consider Extending Above the Garage Conversion

If you are keen to add considerable space to your home, then it is worth considering extending over your garage when you convert it, especially if you need to factor in an additional staircase. This can help to create balance between the ground and first floor space.

The Perfect Spot for a Home Office

Another great garage conversion idea is to use this space for a home office. This can make perfect sense, as garages are usually located away from the main living areas and allow for a self-contained entrance for work-related visitors.

Stay Fit with a Home Gym

Fitness fans may enjoy installing workout equipment in their homes, but it can prove problematic if this equipment has to be located in existing living space. Housing a home gym in a garage conversion is a great way to avoid less-than-ideal dual purpose areas.

A Designated Retreat for Children and Teens

Using the space as a playroom and keeping it partially open to an adjacent kitchen makes it possible to supervise younger children while carrying out day-to-day jobs.

Garage conversions are also the ideal spot for a second living room for older children to relax in — keeping the inevitable noise away from your own relaxing spaces.

Add a Bedroom

Depending on the existing layout of your property, you may wish to convert your garage into an additional bedroom. You could also break the long and narrow space up with a stud wall and include a WC/bathroom/shower room.

Create a Separate Annexe

In the case of detached garages you also have the option of converting them into a separate annexe. Be aware that this may be subject to planning permission.

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