Leo Messi earned more money than Cristiano Ronaldo: Forbes top 100

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Forbes top 100 highest paid athletes

Forbes have released their list of the top 100 highest paid athletes in 2019.

Looking at some of the overall trends of the list, the baseline to cracking the top 100 is $25 million this year.

Total earnings among the 100 highest paid athletes stand at $4 billion, which is a 5% increase from 2018.

In total, athletes from 25 countries and 10 different sports made the cut.

Leo Messi has more money than Cristiano Ronaldo

Sitting in first place in the Forbes list is Barcelona and Argentine icon Leo Messi.

Messi is the world’s highest paid athlete, having earned $127m (£99.8m) in the past 12 months.

For the record, this is the first time Messi has ever topped the Forbes list.

Second on the list is Juventus and Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is said to have earned $109m (£85.6m) in the last year.

Other points of note

PSG and Brazil forward Neymar was third on $105m (£82.5m). He’s the last footballer in the top ten.

The highest earner in the Premier League is Man United’s Paul Pogba on $33m (£25.9m). Pogba is 44th on the list.

Interestingly, last year’s number 1 of the list, boxer Floyd Mayweather, didn’t make the top 100.

Looking at the most dominant sport in the Forbes list, 35 athletes from the NBA made the cut.

Forbes top 10

1. Lionel Messi $127m (£99.8m)

2. Cristiano Ronaldo $109m (£85.6m)

3. Neymar $105m (£82.5m)

4. Canelo Alvarez $94m (£73.8m)

5. Roger Federer $93.4m (£73.3)

6. Russell Wilson $89.5m (£70.3m)

7. Aaron Rodgers $89.3m £70.1m)

8. LeBron James $89m (£69.9m)

9. Stephen Curry $79.8m (£62.7m)

10. Kevin Durant $65.4m (£51.3m)

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