There’s the Curiosity Rover, On the Move, Seen from Space

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In this week’s questions show, I explain why we’ll never know which stars have no planets. How we could prevent a catastrophe to Earth, and why aliens might still be a threat to us.

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00:48 How many stars don’t have planets?

02:29 Could we prevent a catastrophe?

05:16 No aliens would be a threat to us

07:38 Can I have any name for Patreon?

08:20 Why not put a laser on the solar sail spacecraft

09:40 How can neutrinos go faster than light?

10:45 How do you calculate exposure times for Hubble?

14:32 What would cause stars to collide

17:19 Why don’t we track asteroids?

18:55 How do magnetars form?

20:36 How could we destroy the planet?

22:45 Can a brown dwarf become a star?

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